Digital Deal

CarGurus Digital Deal
Higher quality leads to close more business in less time. 

Deliver an upgraded online experience

Increase customer satisfaction by 2.5x* by offering the modern buying experience that shoppers demand

Customized for your financing

Control the deals that shoppers create by building in your dealership’s existing F&I products and lenders

Grow conversions through higher quality leads

Get access to committed, ready-to-buy shoppers that are 2x more likely to close*

Fast track sales

Improve sales team efficiency by giving them low-funnel leads and in-depth shopper information to close quickly

*[1] Shopper NPS data from Q1 2022, n=1052 for regular leads, n=483 digital retail leads [2] Data based on small pilot group of dealers.

digital deal

How it works

  • Discoverability

    Used listings receive exclusive ‘Start Your Purchase’ badging on SRPs, driving shoppers to build a personalized, vehicle and dealership-specific deal on your VDP, including trade-in, credit check and application, your F&I products, and appointment or delivery time.

  • Quality

    If enabled by your dealership, committed and ready-to-buy shoppers will have the option to place a $500 credit card deposit to request a 72-hour reservation.

  • Efficiency

    Automatically receive leads and full deal summaries in your CRM, and credit applications in RouteOne or DealerTrack.

Hear how The Taverna Collection uses Digital Deal to improve the sales process and increase conversions to 50-75% on average

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