CarGurus Real-time Performance Marketing
Drive more high quality shoppers to your website with CarGurus RPM

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Target an Exclusive Audience

Reach a high-value audience of CarGurus shoppers who are in-market for your vehicles

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Reach Across Channels

Advertise to the #1 audience of car shoppers throughout their shopping journey with turn-key omnichannel marketing solutions

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Increase Website Traffic

Drive shoppers to your highest converting digital assets that has zero competition or distractions

Omnichannel Approach to Digital Marketing

Almost all shoppers use online resources when shopping for a car, but they don’t all shop the same way.

To connect with the most shoppers, dealers need an omnichannel marketing strategy that uses a combination of tactics, including targeted display ads, paid search, third-party listings, social ads, and retargeting ads.


CarGurus RPM Features

  • Omnichannel Campaigns
    RPM ads target and retarget CarGurus shoppers wherever they go online, including Facebook and top webpages, and drives them directly to your website.
  • Dynamic Targeting
    Engage low-funnel shoppers with inventory-specific ads that are relevant to them based on their shopping activity.
  • Customized Ads
    Brand your display ads with custom messages that align with your goals and link back to your website.
  • Branded CarGurus VDPs
    Native display ads on your CarGurus.com listings keep distractions off your VDPs for your lowest funnel shoppers.
  • More details about the Starter Plan Keep the focus on your dealership and reengage your lowest funnel CarGurus shoppers


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    More details about the Premier Plan Extend your reach by advertising across multiple premium channels, including Facebook


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    CarGurus Display

    Static ads on CarGurus VDPs

    Feature included
    Offsite Display

    Inventory ads on premium sites across the web

    Feature included
    Facebook Display

    Inventory carousel ads on Facebook and Instagram

    Feature not included
    Target Audience
    Your CarGurus Audience

    Shoppers who visited your CarGurus VDPs

    Feature included
    Extended CarGurus Audience

    CarGurus shoppers who viewed similar vehicles to yours, but did not view your inventory

    Feature not included
    Ad Creative
    Static Brand

    Ad that promotes a single callout for your dealership. Can be brand, promotional, or service-related

    Feature included

    Personalized ads for every shopper based on their behavior and your inventory

    Feature not included

    Increase your digital reach across proven channels

    Facebook Display

  • Target an exclusive audience of engaged CarGurus shoppers on Facebook
  • Improve your dealership’s audience targeting abilities on Facebook, a high-converting social platform
  • Show shoppers multiple vehicle options based on cargurus.com activity through personalized carousel ads
  • Facebook Display Ad Example

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